PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer

PositVibe Patella Stabilizer

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  • Bicyclic design, can be adjusted freely.
  • Product quality strong, durable, soft and light.
  • High-quality pad, soft, comfortable, strong protection

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  • Relieving Kneecap Pain
  • Reduce Knee Swelling
  • Allowing Ligaments to Heal
  • Boosting confidence.
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The Astonishing Solution to the Arthritis Knee Pain

Can Arthritis Ever Be Cured? 

Arthritis, in the simplest sense, is wear and tear of the cartilage (connecting tissue) of the joints, which results in bones rubbing together, causing pain and stiffness. While other factors, such as genetics, can affect the progression of arthritis, the less strain a person puts on his or her joints, the less likely the cartilage is to deteriorate.

Early Intervention May Halt Osteoarthritis Progression

“We know from our studies at hopkins arthritis center that if we have arthritis, and we put pressure on the medial compartment (inside) of the knee too much, the cartilage breaks down faster and the disease can worsen,” said Markus Wimmer, Ph.D., the lead investigator of the study.

“Arthritis is a slow process, it can drag out over many years, so if we intervene early, we can keep it at a certain state so it doesn’t progress and become worse,” added Wimmer, who is a professor in the hopkins Department of Orthopedic Surgery and the director of hopkin’s Motion Analysis Lab. “We can’t totally reverse it, the cartilage doesn’t heal itself, but we can keep it in a stage where it doesn’t hurt and progress, where we have options other than to replace the entire joint with an artificial knee.”

However, people with knee arthritis tend to walk in a way that puts more pressure on the inside of their knees the worse their condition becomes, creating a vicious cycle of tissue degeneration. “It’s contrary to what should happen,” Wimmer said. “They don’t feel it, because cartilage doesn’t have nerves.” (The pain of knee arthritis instead results from inflammation related to the cartilage deterioration.)

One of the biggest mistakes people make with knee pain is to limit movement of the affected joint, which leads to stiffness and weakness that only makes matters worse.

Our Story

Our ultimate goal in treating patients with knee arthritis is to control pain and other symptoms, minimize joint damage and deformities, slow the progression of the disease, and preserve physical functioning.

Many people who’ve suffered from knee pain have made the common mistake of using the wrong knee brace. Not only will a lousy brace fail to alleviate pain, but it can worsen the condition of knee problems and cause even more burden on knee joints. This is not only uncomfortable but will often cause further damage to an already weak or injured knee.

A group of Arthritis Researchers from American Arthritis Foundation (AAF) found a groundbreaking solution to aging knee pains. The research team studied 460 arthritis patients age 45 and above and tested the effectiveness of different knee braces design. They have noticed many knee braces may worsen your conditions dramatically because these braces put full pressure on the entire knee. This usually results in further narrowing the joint space causing more rapid and severe destruction of the cartilage. The knee becomes inflamed and sore. This is not good for the damaged patella.

Over time, through clinical experience, literature review, orthotics analysis, and observations of patients, they realized the powerful healing effect of rehabilitating and stabilizing the damaged pettale, and that preserving physical function is an essential component of long-term knee health. Ultimately, they found a specific type of knee brace that not only provides the best immediate relief but also facilitates the most effective recovery. 

Relieve Knee Pain
While Being Active!

"We worked and studied closely with 460 patients ages 40 and above, testing different knee brace tightness and designs. The results were astonishing."

-Dr. Harvey L.

"We are very happy that PositVibe Patella Stabilizer has helped 88% of our patients to reduce pain and stiffness, limit the progression of joint damage, maintain and improve knee function and mobility."

- Dr Artin, R.

"For my older patients who suffer from knee osteoarthritis, this PositVibe Patella Stabilizer has helped them walk longer distances without the pain."

-Dr. Glenn I.

"Many of my patients' knee confidence has increased and many returned well to their sports."

-Dr. Lomas C.


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Why PositVibe Patella Stabilizer Brace ?

The PositVibe difference is in the patented dual-compression technology. It targets specifically on the patellar tendon, prevents quadriceps misalignment, and improves knee comfort during activity. This allows for efficient knee support and immediate knee pain relief! The open patella design gives the kneecap the freedom to shift around while staying with the proper alignment.

1. Relieving Kneecap Pain

When the articular cartilage behind the kneecap (patella) softens it loses its ability to protect the bones as the join moves. This can be painful. The anatomically contoured Knee Brace surrounds the kneecap (patella) which provides targeted compression from dual straps above and below the kneecap (patella) without reducing your mobility. 

2. Reduce Knee Swelling

During the movement, the integrated dual-compression tubes not only prevent the kneecap from slipping but also stimulate circulation and massage the surrounding tissue while strengthening the patella mechanism. As a result, edemas and effusions can be relieved more quickly. The support also activates sensorimotor processes which improves muscle control and provides passive stabilization for the knee.

3. Allowing Ligaments to Heal 

For the ACL/MCL/LCL injuries, The Patella Stabilizer Brace provides the support to allow healing.

4. Boosting confidence.

Wearing the PositVibe patella stabilizer significantly reduced pain levels and boosted knee confidence during level walking. 

Get Your PositVibe™ Patella Stabilizers Today! 

Wearing the PositVibe™ Patella Stabilizer Significantly:

  • Reduces pain levels during level walking 
  • Helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis
  • Protects & supports patellar tendon
  • Improves strength & mobility
  • Helps to prevent knee injuries
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Helps to correct misalignment
  • Increases knee confidence in walking 

The New Design Features

Get Your PositVibe™ Patella Stabilizers Today! 

Over 87 million pieces sold worldwide and 88% of the user has experienced great relief and satisfaction. 68% of the user was impressed with its ability to take away the pain faster and for long periods. 21% have reported that it worked effectively and helped them reduce their painkiller consumption. 

PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer
PositVibe Patella Stabilizer

PositVibe Patella Stabilizer


It is crucial to measure correctly as our patella stabilizers fit true to size. The XL fits up to 30" in knee circumference. We have a lot of customers who didn't measure properly or thought they are automatically a size XL. It turns out too big! Or, for some reason they thought they should maybe order a size larger. it just won't fit.


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Get Your PositVibe™ Patella Stabilizers Today! 

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